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Factors that cause the noise of the lifting platform to increase

by:Powerston     2021-06-20
When using the lifting platform, it is inevitable to encounter some unexpected situations, such as the sudden increase of the noise of the lifting platform: 1. The rollers on the upper and lower table surfaces of the lifting platform are severely worn and deformed or the surface slipperiness is poor, causing the rollers to guide When moving in the groove, there is a lot of noise or the lifting platform shakes. The main reasons for this failure are: the roller processing accuracy is not good, the surface lubrication is poor; the roller has not been heat treated, and the hardness is not good; the guide groove has a rough surface, poor lubrication, and aggravated In this situation, the qualified rollers should be replaced. If the surface of the guide groove is rough, the appearance of the guide groove should also be treated. 2. The lifting platform should also be run due to long-term lack of lubricating oil, and the roller bearings should be damaged, causing the rollers Oscillation or loud noise occurs in the mobile type. The solution is very simple, just replace the roller bearing. 3. The shaft sleeves or shafts connected to the arms or poles of the lifting platform have long-term lack of lubricating oil, which causes the noise of the lifting platform to change when the lifting cage platform is lifted In this situation, you can add lubricating oil. If adding lubricating oil does not work, check the wear status of each bushing or shaft. If the wear is severe, you need to replace the bushing or shaft. When the high-height fixed lifting platform is rich in guide rails, if the bearing of the guide wheel or the side wheel is damaged, sharp noise will also occur when the guide wheel conflicts with the guide rail during the lifting cage process. In this situation, the wear can be replaced Stern guide wheel bearings.
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