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Features and advantages of aluminum alloy lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-02
Aluminum alloy lifting platform can be seen everywhere in our daily life or work, and many factories are one of the indispensable convenient tools. Next, let us systematically introduce the features and advantages of aluminum alloy lifting platforms, which will help us prevent being deceived when purchasing lifting platforms. 1 Lubrication-free and maintenance-free pivot with built-in lanyard fixing points. An ergonomic joystick controller that can be operated from the platform or the ground. 2 The aluminum alloy lifting platform has a non-slip surface. The guardrail is durable. The telescopic rail at the end can accommodate larger cargoes after being extended. 3The low noise of this lifting platform allows operators to operate in a quiet working environment. The large-angle steering system provides excellent maneuverability. The swing-out battery box and power module provide easy access to components. 4 The variable-speed motor of the lifting cage platform prolongs the life of the battery and the motor, because the variable-speed motor only consumes the energy necessary for work. 5 The fault diagnosis device on the lifting platform can notify the operator of possible errors. The high chassis is suitable for walking on rough ground. The design is durable, reliable, and easy to repair and maintain. Diesel-powered models have two-wheel, four-wheel drive and steering. Free turning device. Emergency descent system. Working height from 4 meters to 22 meters, high-end configuration, high-power power. 6 High-efficiency mechanical and hydraulic drive lifting cage system and its large-tonnage load and novel appearance have become brand advantages. The aluminum alloy lifting platform has leading technology, energy saving and emission reduction, high-quality manufacturing, making the best use of the material. It has unique advantages. It has stable performance, smooth walking and lifting, sensitive direction, simple and convenient operation, and gives you high altitude in the factory and indoors. The due convenience brought by operation and high-floor cargo transportation reduces your precious time and improves your work efficiency. It is the ideal high-altitude operation equipment for the efficient and safe production of modern enterprises.
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