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Features and maintenance measures of hydraulic pump station for lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-04
The dirt at the bottom of the inside plays the role of transmitting pressure, lubricating, cooling and sealing in the hydraulic system. The improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main reason for the early failure and durability of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil should be selected according to the specified grade. When replacement oil is needed under special circumstances, the performance of hydraulic oil should be the same as the original grade. Different grades of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed, in order to prevent the chemical reaction of the hydraulic oil and the performance change. Dark brown, dark white, dark hydraulic oil is oil and cannot be used. Preventing solid impurities from mixing into the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system is the life cycle of the hydraulic system.   The hydraulic oil must be filtered and filled during processing, and the tools must be reliable and clean. Do not remove the filter of the fuel tank's air inlet to increase the speed of the fuel tank. Workers should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solids and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.   There are many precision coupling parts in the hydraulic system, some have damping holes, and some have damping holes. The hydraulic lifting platform is driven by steel wire ropes and is mostly used to transport goods. It is composed of tower, hanging basket, hoist, etc. The tower is generally a truss structure, which is pulled by cables to keep it upright. The hanging basket is welded with section steel and is a container for loading goods. The hoist is fixed on the ground, the wire rope is connected to the gondola through the pulley on the top of the tower, and the gondola is pulled to run up and down, and the operator controls it on the ground. If solid impurities can cause tension, indexing, oil circuit, etc., the hydraulic system is operating safely. Generally, solid impurities are used to transform the hydraulic system in the following ways: hydraulic oil is heavy oil; auxiliary tools are powder metallurgy; careless maintenance; hydraulic components remelting, etc.  The cleaning oil of the hydraulic system must use the same hydraulic oil as the system, the oil temperature is between 45℃~80℃, and the impurities in the system should be removed as much as possible with a large flow. The hydraulic docking bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse. The forklift and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the truck for bulk loading and unloading through it. Called the loading and unloading platform. platform is a kind of lifting cage machinery that vertically transports people or objects. It also refers to the equipment for vertical transportation in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. The lifting platform is often equipped with a variety of flat transportation equipment as a connecting device for conveyor lines of different heights. It is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting cage platform. In addition to transporting goods at different heights, it is widely used in high-altitude installation and maintenance operations. The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned more than three times. After each cleaning, when the oil is hot, the system will be used up. After cleaning, clean the filter again, replace the new filter element, and fill in new oil. In this hydraulic system, under normal pressure and room temperature, the air volume ratio in the hydraulic oil is 6%~8%. When the pressure drops, the air will be discharged from the oil. The bubble burst causes the hydraulic components to 'change' and produce noise. A large amount of air entering the oil will cause heavy oil, increase the yield of hydraulic oil, work instability, reduce work efficiency, and perform component work. In addition, the air will make the hydraulic oil more oily and accelerate the deterioration of the oil.
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