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Features of wire rope lifting work cradle platforms

Features of wire rope lifting work cradle platforms


Wire rope lifting work cradle platforms are the construction machinery used in the aerial operation of construction engineering, which is used for curtain wall installation and exterior wall cleaning. 

 Hanging work platform is a new type of high working equipment which can replace the traditional scaffolding, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and be reused. 

 The use of building hanging platform has gradually become a trend, in high-rise and multi-storey buildings in the external wall construction, curtain wall installation, insulation construction and maintenance and cleaning of the external wall and other high operations are widely recognized, but also can be used in large tanks, Bridges and DAMS and other projects. 

 This product can be used without scaffolding.  The construction cost is greatly reduced, which is only 28% of the traditional scaffoldings, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.  

The suspension platform is flexible in operation, easy to shift, convenient and practical, safe and reliable. 

 What are features of hanging cradle? 

ZIP series high work platform is mainly composed of suspension mechanism, suspension platform, hoist, safety lock, electrical control box, wire rope and power cable and so on. 

The features are as below:

1. Suspended working cradle is a new type equipment for high and multi-storey building which can replace the traditional steel pipe frame, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and can be reused. It has the advantages of flexible assembly, simple operation and advanced performance. 

2. ZIP series high work platform equipped with multiple safety protection measures: automatic anti-tilt safety locks, emergency stop device, speed limit protection, upper limit protection, manual release, etc. 

3. There are three kinds of treatment for the hanging  gondola lift structure: hot dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing and plastic spraying for users to choose. 

4. The unique design and manufacturing process of ZIP series high lifting platform ensure long service life, stable and reliable performance. 

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