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Force analysis of mobile scissor electric lift

by:Powerston     2021-06-01
Force analysis of the mobile scissor electric construction lift In the process of using different algorithms to locate the construction construction lift, the relationship between the tag arrival rate and the sending frequency. The relationship between the change in the number of tags to be sent and the sending time. If the tag is successfully sent, the construction elevator can be controlled according to the content of the tag, and the control error can be described. Using the algorithm in this paper to locate the construction elevator based on UHF RFID can quickly transfer a large number of tags to the control end, so as to achieve accurate positioning of the electric elevator, which fully reflects the superiority of the algorithm in this paper. Sequence number label sending frequency label successful sending probability positioning error According to the above experiment, we can know that the algorithm of this paper is used to locate the electric elevator, which can effectively avoid the defect of channel preemption caused by the high frequency of sending the label in the traditional algorithm, thereby improving the mobile scissor type Accuracy of electric lift positioning. Force analysis of scissor lifts During the working process of scissor lifts, when the load is loaded or the height of the workbench is different, the driving force output by the hydraulic system is constantly changing; therefore, in order to determine the structural parameters of the lift , It is necessary to carry out a force analysis. When the workbench is in the lowest position, the driving force output by the hydraulic system is the largest under the limit load. This condition is the limit state of the elevator work. The elevator can work safely in the extreme state, which can ensure the safety of the entire working process; therefore, it is only necessary to analyze the force of the elevator in this state.
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