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From a legal perspective-the necessity of the development of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-15
The safety legal system for the development of foreign lifting cargo lifting platforms (1) Affirming the advantages of the development of lifting cargo lifting platforms The application of the development of lifting cargo lifting platforms can effectively reduce the accident rate and death rate, and from the perspective of the life cycle cost and labor cost Compared with the hanging basket and scaffolding, there is no obvious economic disadvantage. (2) Restricting the use of scaffolding and hanging baskets. The core of foreign legal regulations on the development of lifting goods lifting cage platforms is to make clear regulations for aerial work equipment and facilities, and to ensure the safety of operators with effective solutions. For scaffolds with poor safety, foreign countries generally restrict their use or implement stricter safety management. For example, the United States restricts the use of scaffolding. The height limit for fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding is 38.1 meters, and the height limit for wooden pile scaffolding is 18.28 meters. Singapore’s Occupational Safety and Health (Scaffolding) Regulations stipulate that scaffolding must be inspected for safety every 7 days. If the scaffolding is exposed to severe weather, the inspection cycle will be shorter; for hanging baskets, self-inspection is required every 7 days, 6 It is inspected once a month by the inspection personnel authorized by the government. The situation in developing countries is similar. As early as the 1970s, Brazil was famous for its high incidence of crashes during construction. At that time, the Brazilian government used to compensate victims of construction accidents and their families every year as much as Brazil’s national GDP. 4%. This situation was not gradually improved until a comprehensive high-altitude operation law was enacted in 1977. (3) Promote the development of lifting cargo lifting platform. The use of lifting cargo lifting platform for aerial operations is an advanced method of ascending operations. This equipment is safe and reliable, high in efficiency, strong in environmental adaptability, easy to operate, and requires less labor. The promotion of cargo lifting cage platform is closely related to the development level of the national economy. Developed countries are promoting the application of the development of lifting cargo lifting platform, and the operation method like hanging basket has basically disappeared. More exciting content recommended: In the future, what aspects will the development of hydraulic lifting platform leasing mainly manifest? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.
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