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Guide rail type lifting platform cargo lifting platform installation and debugging instructions

by:Powerston     2021-09-23
The rail-type lifting cargo lifting cage platform is a non-scissor-type hydraulic lifting platform. This product is mainly used in explosion-proof enterprises such as chemical industry, high temperature, high pressure, power plant, nuclear industry base, explosives, etc. The maximum load capacity is 10 tons, and the upper and lower floors are interactively interlocked. Achieve safe use; high lifting height, use side-mounted oil cylinder, or double-test oil cylinder, stable operation; no noise, convenient maintenance, and long service life; manual lowering after power failure, emergency stop button, convenient, fast, and practical; pit depth Generally 15cm-30cm, the height of the top layer is not limited, and it can be customized for use according to the on-site environment. The rail-type lifting cargo lifting platform is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube as a whole, equipped with wire rope to adjust the balance. Each floor and lifting table can be set with operation buttons to achieve multi-point control. The upper and lower floors are interactively interlocked to ensure safe use. The floor door can be penetrated. The inside and outside of the plant can be opened with each other, which is convenient and saves space; it is especially suitable for 2-3 storey steel structure plant, which can be used both inside and outside; the pumping station adopts Lisheng joint venture pumping station. If the speed requirement is too high, the imported customized pumping station can be used to achieve Ideal delivery requirements, the use of imported parts for the oil cylinder and seals, to solve the problem of unstable oil pressure and oil leakage of the parts. And there is no need for upper hanging points. Diversified forms. The equipment runs smoothly, the operation is simple and reliable, it has hydraulic and electrical protections, and the cargo transmission is economical and convenient. Rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises to replace lifting platforms to construction lift cargo. It has simple structure, large load capacity, and long service life. It is easy to maintain, safe and practical, and is especially suitable for places where foundations cannot be dug underground. Hydraulic cylinders are used as the main power, and heavy-duty chains and wire ropes are used to ensure the absolute safety of the machine. No pits and machine rooms are required, especially suitable for There are basements, warehouse transformations, new shelves, etc., which are convenient to install and maintain, beautiful, safe, and easy to operate. The rail-type lifting cargo lifting platform can be produced according to the actual environment of the site. The product structure is strong, the carrying capacity is large, the lifting is stable, and the installation and maintenance Simple and convenient, it is an economical and practical low-floor alternative to the ideal cargo transportation equipment for the lifting platform. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting cargo lifting platform, you can choose the fixed hydraulic lifting cargo lifting platform with different table tops, and choose different optional configurations , Complete the task of lifting cage items and achieve better use effects.
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