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How about the development of the lifting platform industry

by:Powerston     2021-06-23
In recent years, the lifting platform and the lifting platform freight elevator industry have shown a rapid development trend. The use of lifting cage platforms can be described as 'pervasive'. The products cover various major industries such as medical treatment, hygiene, factories and mines, education, scientific research, and lifting. The specific performance is in construction. Indoor and outdoor decoration, workshops, stations, docks, supermarkets, halls and other high-altitude operations and industrial production lines and loading and unloading between floors. platform is a kind of special high-altitude working machinery that lifts operators, tools, materials, etc. to designated positions in the air through the high-altitude working platform for various installation, maintenance and other operations. The development prospects of the Guangdong lifting platform are quite promising. High-altitude operations are an advanced method of climbing operations. Its development is closely related to the development level of the national economy. According to reports in foreign professional media magazines for high-altitude operation machinery, the more developed the economy, the greater the demand. And the greater the demand per unit of GDP. Large, compared with developed countries and regions. China not only has a small demand per unit of GDP. The ratio of demand per unit of GDP to GDP is also low, which shows that the market demand for aerial work trucks is not only related to economic scale, but also to the degree of economic development. Related, this also just shows that the high-altitude Guangdong construction lift platform operating vehicle has very broad development prospects in our country. 1. With the large number of automated assembly lines put into use, the demand for assembly lifting platforms that are used for assembly line materials to go on and off, reduce the work intensity of workers, and improve work efficiency is increasing. 2. The lifting cage platform used between floors is replacing the freight elevator at the second floor and the second station. With the increase in land costs, large factories and warehouses have changed from single-story to two-story, three-story and multi-story. In the second-floor workshops and warehouses, due to the low price, long life and low cost of the freight elevator, there is a trend to replace the freight elevator. 3. In the past few years, a large number of domestic factory infrastructure projects have been started, and aerial work platforms have been widely used in the HVAC installation process of industrial plants, and their overall market scale has expanded dramatically. Affected by the recent international financial turmoil, the number of domestic new factory construction projects has decreased, which has also led the aerial work platform market into the winter. The demand for aerial work platforms is unlikely to grow significantly in the next two to three years. 4. The unloading and lifting platforms used in distribution centers and warehouses are very similar to the unloading platform market conditions. They have also grown rapidly in the past few years. At present, the demand has fallen sharply, and it will take time for the market to warm up. However, due to the fact that several large unloading platform manufacturers have almost monopolized the distribution center market, identifying channels, funds, performance and other reasons, it is still very difficult for other small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the distribution center unloading platform market.
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