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How can the price difference of the fixed unloading platform of unloading platform manufacturers be so big?

by:Powerston     2021-10-03
The fixed unloading platform is mainly used for the height difference between the vehicle and the cargo platform in the logistics park, and the workshop assembly line. With its light material, beautiful appearance, convenient use and other advantages, it is favored by many customers, but many customers are more distressed when buying and unloading. Platform prices cannot be unified, there are high and low, and even the gap will be large. Too cheap is afraid of quality problems, too expensive to be deceived. What are the factors that cause this? The following machinery will explain to you why the price difference of the lifting cage platform is so big? The production cycle of the fixed unloading platform is different. Generally, the production of the unloading platform is stopped for a period of time, so this has led to the phenomenon that the inventory of the lifting platform models of various unloading platform manufacturers varies. If the customer wants to buy a model that is relatively small on the market, then Certainly the unloading platform price will be a bit more expensive. The local distribution of container unloading platform manufacturers. Container unloading platform manufacturers are also concentrated in the northern Shandong area, so for people in the south, the price of container unloading platforms is a little more expensive than in the north, because in addition to production costs, there are also transportation costs. The third It’s the quality of production. We all know that the unloading platform with good workmanship will definitely sell more expensively. The number of mobile unloading platforms purchased. The mobile unloading platform has a small number of purchases, it must be sold at the original price, but if you buy several lifting cage equipment at once, you can discuss a discount with the boss, which will be much cheaper, and after establishing a cooperative relationship, Later purchases will also be cheaper. Having said that, do you have a deep understanding of the reasons for the price difference of the unloading platform? The most important thing is to buy high-quality and low-cost products when purchasing equipment. Unloading platform manufacturer-, has long been committed to the production and innovation of lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms, and fixed lifting platforms. Quality and after-sales have always been the top priority. The purpose is to allow customers to choose the most cost-effective hydraulic lifting platform . More exciting content recommendation: What is the difference between the lifting cargo lifting platform and the hydraulic lifting platform? Thank you for visiting the machinery website. If you have any questions, you can call us, and we will do our best to provide you with quality services.
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