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How does the hydraulic lifting platform reduce wear?

by:Powerston     2021-07-06
In the field of high-altitude operations, hydraulic lifting platforms are one of our more common operating equipment, helping us to successfully complete high-altitude operations. However, if the hydraulic lifting platform is used for a long time or is improperly maintained, it will cause wear and tear and affect its service life. So, how can hydraulic lifting platforms reduce wear? 1. Regularly polish the lubricating oil between the link pins of the hydraulic lifting platform to reduce the degree of wear between the components and reduce the noise, which can play a good preventive effect on the occurrence of safety accidents. 2. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve of the hydraulic lifting platform, blow the plunger clean with compressed air, then install it, and reinstall it. Check all hydraulic pipes and joints. The pipeline must not be damaged, the joints must not be loose, and all joints must be tightened. 3. The hydraulic lifting cage platform is raised all the way. In this position, the hydraulic floor should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the box. If the hydraulic oil is found to be dark, sticky, or foreign objects such as grit, it should be replaced in time. 4. Regularly check whether the hydraulic hydraulic lifting platform rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings are worn or not. 5. Between any part of the hydraulic system, the pressure must be relieved first to prevent the pressure oil from spraying out and the hydraulic lifting platform worktable suddenly slips down. 6. Each element in the hydraulic lifting platform system is working under a defined pressure. Any adjustment of the relief valve may cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic system. 7. When inspecting under the working platform of the hydraulic lifting platform, it is necessary to hang and support the working platform of the hydraulic lifting platform to prevent the hydraulic lifting platform from descending suddenly. 8. Non-professional staff are not allowed to disassemble or install electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or misconnection. 9. The hydraulic lifting cage platform has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. When using it, only the power supply needs to be connected, and the hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted. 10. Drain and discard the hydraulic oil, tighten the joint and take out the oil filter. After cleaning, clean it with compressed air, then put it back into the oil tank and connect the pipeline. 11. Pay attention to the noise generated when the hydraulic lifting platform is raised and lowered. If the noise is too large, immediately disconnect the power supply and check the cause of the noise. Through the staff of the lifting cage platform manufacturer, tell customers and friends how the hydraulic lifting platform can reduce the wear. Have you learned your knowledge? Hope our introduction can help you better
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