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How does the lifting platform complete the lifting action?

by:Powerston     2021-06-25
Today, I will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you understand the lifting platform equipment. The electric control system of the lifting platform is the core of the electric drive control system. Modern electromechanical equipment, production lines, production workshops and even the entire factory have achieved production process control automation. Rail-type hydraulic freight elevators are no exception. The lifting requirements are completed through electric drive control. Today, I will talk about the electric drive of the guided lifting cage platform. The three main links. 1. The transmission device is the connection and transmission link of the production machinery, located between the motor and the working machinery, such as the lifting platform chain, wire wheel, etc. The electric control of the guide rail hydraulic freight elevator can be designed according to the actual use requirements of customers, and all use safe voltage control. The reasonable design reduces the probability of accidents while automatically controlling, and better serves customers. 2. The power part is the power supply link of the entire system of the lifting platform, the backbone of the entire system, and the channel components that convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, including power supply switches, electrical control components, motors, etc. 3. The automatic control part in the production process of the lifting platform is the core of the automation of the production process. It controls and directs the power appliances and system work components at a time, including relay control appliances and various control instruments, intelligent instruments and meters.
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