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How does the self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform work?

by:Powerston     2021-08-14
How does the self-propelled hydraulic lifting cage platform work? Self-propelled hydraulic lifting cage platform means that the user can control the mechanical lifting and walking without going down the lifting cage platform, and can control the equipment to travel to other working places on the platform. The equipment itself has walking and steering drive functions, without manual traction or external power supply. The movement is flexible and convenient. The DC electric drive wheel has a self-locking function, the brake is separated when the drive wheel is working, and it is automatically locked when not working. It makes high-altitude operation more convenient and quick, and it is the ideal high-altitude operation equipment for modern enterprises' efficient and safe production. The auxiliary self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform has an automatic walking function. It can be raised and lowered freely in different working conditions without external power supply or external power traction, and the walking and steering of the equipment can be completed by only one person. The operator only needs to master the control handle in front of the equipment to complete the equipment forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walking and up and down movements. Flexible movement, convenient operation, labor-saving and labor-saving. It is especially suitable for large-scale high-altitude operations in stations, docks, airports, power plants, stadiums, large enterprises, etc. It is currently the most ideal high-altitude operation equipment in China. The SJYLZ series self-propelled aluminum alloy elevator has its own walking and steering drive functions. It does not require manual traction or external power supply to move flexibly and conveniently, making high-altitude operations more convenient and quick. It is an ideal high-altitude operation equipment for modern enterprises' efficient and safe production. 68.
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