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How high can the lifting platform rise?

by:Powerston     2021-06-23
Everyone knows the advantages of the lifting platform, and it has been widely used in various places, so how many meters can it climb? The use of the lifting platform is based on the different requirements of customers, and the selected product varieties are also different. The following editor will introduce how many meters the lifting platform can climb. The lifting platform is a kind of mechanical equipment composed of a lifting motor, a drive and a corresponding mechanical structure. During the use of the lifting platform, the lifting height needs to be controlled according to actual needs to facilitate the realization of high-altitude operations. The lifting height of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform is between 2-11 meters, the lifting height of the vehicle-mounted, self-propelled and mobile lifting platform is between 1.2-16 meters, and the lifting height of the aluminum alloy lifting platform is 1.3-24 meters. The lifting height of the guide rail type lifting platform is between 1.5-14 meters. The general mobile scissor lifting platform and aluminum alloy lifting platform are conventionally raised from 4 meters to 20 meters. The curved arm lifting cage platform is raised 15 meters, and the folding arm lifting platform is raised 20 meters. Professional elevators, hydraulic lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms, docking bridges, scissor lifting platforms, etc., we are the manufacturer and sales of lifting equipment, welcome to experience our integrity management, and can also be customized according to customer requirements produce.
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