Concentrate on quality of the construction hoist and suspended platform, never forget original intention!

How many people in Powerston R&D department?
To become competitive in the market, uniqueness or innovation is of great importance. R&D, as an essential process to bring innovation into a company, is a key development strategy for Wuxi Powerston Technology Co.,Ltd to operate worldwide. To implement and manage R&D activities, we have built an R&D team composed of several experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. They are committed to improving the existing products and production techniques according to market trend, and they are also passionate about rethinking and developing new products. With them, we are more confident to provide customers with more diverse, unique, and innovative products.

Since its establishment, Powerston has been a competitive manufacturer of window cleaning platform. We have earned a good reputation in the world. The suspended platform series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. This product is highly recommended for its high quality and versatility. Its working height and voltage can be adjusted. The construction hoist in Powerston is quality-assured. Its frequency conversion drive is efficient and uses less power.

Powerston will design and provide the perfect construction hoist for you according to your needs. Call!
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