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How much do you know about rotating lifting platforms?

by:Powerston     2021-07-08
How much do you know about rotating lifting platforms? I don’t know if you have ever heard of a mechanical device that can not only construction lift, but also rotate in different directions. This is the rotary lifting cage platform, also called the spiral lifting platform! The functional characteristics of the lifting and rotating lifting cage platform 1. Self-locking performance Ordinary tooth screw electric push rod and spiral lifting platform, due to the low comprehensive transmission efficiency, most of them have absolute dynamic load self-locking function, which increases the safety of equipment operation; ball screw The electric push rod and the spiral lifting platform are not self-locking; 2. The comprehensive position accuracy of the precision positioning can reach 0, 1mm; the position accuracy of the servo electric cylinder can reach 6um; 3. The precise control configuration encoder is realized by the inverter or the controller. Closed-loop precise positioning; if the precision is not high, it can be equipped with a potentiometer to realize online control. 4. Synchronous single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection to achieve synchronous lifting and absolute synchronization; 5. Drive system: DC motor 12/24V, single-phase AC motor, three-phase AC motor, no air/hydraulic source required 6. The overload protection can be equipped with a safety clutch to prevent overload; it can also be equipped with an overload pressure sensor to prevent overload; 7. The high load push/pull force can reach 300 tons; 8. Other simple maintenance, low noise, can be used in high/low temperature, anti-corrosion/ Work normally in an explosion-proof harsh environment. As a modern lifting equipment, the screw lifting platform has a wide range of applications. It must be used in factories, construction sites, stages, logistics and other industries. The development of screw lifting platforms is also very rapid. According to the needs and requirements of customers in recent years Suggestion, it is not difficult for us to draw the development direction of the future lifting platform, in which speed, variable speed and safety performance are the main points. The importance of safety is very important in all kinds of equipment. The spiral lifting platform used in the lifting stage will have higher safety requirements. In order to ensure the safety of the performers, the lifting cage platform will be designed to be larger, and the lifting platform used It will be even bigger. Today, the diameter of the lifting platform used in large theaters will exceed 3 meters, and the stability and safety have also been greatly improved. For example, the lifting platform used in mines can have a lifting height of several kilometers. At this stage, the lifting speed of tens of meters per second cannot meet the demand. Then the lifting speed will be further increased, reaching hundreds of kilometers per second, and the acceleration rate will also be increased. Increase. The lifting platform used in some occasions needs to change speed to meet the working requirements during the working process, so the frequency conversion lifting platform will also have a certain market demand in the future. In the use of materials, due to the high load requirements of the spiral lifting platform, its materials are all high-precision and high-hardness cast iron. In the future, the lifting platform requires smaller volume and is used on some micro-devices. The weight of the material should be reduced. The quality of the lifting platform made of alloy steel is not inferior to that of cast iron, and there are advantages in some aspects. The diversity of the material used for the lifting platform in the future will be different according to the needs, so tap the needs of users. It is also an important point.
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