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How much do you know about the guide rail chain lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-08
The guide rail chain type lifting cage platform can provide a more effective and stable lifting mode. Compared with other lifting platforms, the guide rail chain type lifting platform has a more reliable safety guarantee. So, how much do you know about the installation precautions of the lifting platform of the guide rail chain lifting cage platform? Preparation before installation 1 Carefully compile a special construction plan for installation and construction, and clarify the safety technology to the installer. 2 Make the foundation according to the basic plan, pay attention to the accurate, leveling, and aligning points to ensure the level of the foundation and various requirements for use. 3 Keep the access road of the external construction lifting platform smooth and have enough space for parking equipment. When a steam crane is needed for auxiliary installation, full consideration should be given to whether the site environment meets the operating conditions of the steam crane. 4 Ensure the excellent power supply at the installation site. Install a separate distribution box. When the distribution box is used, the leakage switch must meet the requirements of the construction lifting platform. If the construction lifting platform installed is controlled by a frequency conversion, the leakage switch should be selected Inverter adaptation. Fences and cages 1. Clean the surface of the foundation, and install the anchor bolts. If the installation lifting platform is installed on the basement floor, a shim must be used under the base screws to increase the gap between the nuts and the floor. The bearing surface to reduce the friction of the nut on the floor; 2. Padded steel shims of different thicknesses between the chassis and the foundation stone at the anchor bolts to adjust the verticality of the guide rail frame; 3. Install three standard sections and measure them with theodolite The verticality of the rail frame ensures the verticality of each main pipe of the rail frame in two directions (1/1000); 4. After the rail frame is adjusted to be vertical, press the 4 anchor bolts; 5. Adjust the fence door frame as above For verticality, press down the rest of the anchor bolts; 6. Install buffer springs; 7. Connect the other half of the fence and the front half with bolts; 8. Adjust the verticality as above to tighten the anchor bolts and loosen the cage The brake on the electric motor. (SC200/200 type first install the cage and then install the drive plate). 9. Use a crane to construction lift the cage and place the cage accurately from above the standard section; put the two cages on the guide rails respectively, and slowly place them on the buffer springs. Prepare the drive frames of the two cages, and adjust the back wheels and rollers to a position with a large gap to facilitate the installation of the drive frames. Use lifting equipment to install a standard section on the basic part of the lifting platform, and tighten the connecting bolts. Use lifting equipment to install the two sets of drive frames above their respective hanging cages, wear the connecting pins, and install the cage top guardrails. 10. Reset the brake; 11. Install the maintenance section. The maintenance section is generally installed in the fourth section. 12. Install two more standard sections. Use theodolite to check and adjust the verticality of the guide rail frame so that the error in the two mutually perpendicular directions meets the requirements of Table 1.
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