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How much is a lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-11
How much is a lifting platform? This is more general. It should be determined according to the lifting platform's load, table size, and height. Let's give you a brief analysis of the prices of various types of lifting cage platforms. The 10,000 yuan lifting platform generally has a load of 500 kilograms, a rise of 500mm, a table size of about 500-1500mm, and a motor power of 2.2kw. The 20,000 yuan lifting platform is generally equipped with four wheels, can be towed and vehicle-mounted, raised 4-20 meters, and the product load is 300 kg. This kind of mobile lifting platform is available in stock and can be shipped within three days. The lifting platform of 30,000 yuan can choose the rail type lifting platform or the scissor type lifting platform. It is a good helper for the workshop to load goods and can be customized according to customer requirements. For a lifting platform of 40,000 yuan, you can purchase a lifting platform with a load capacity of more than 2 tons. The minimum height can reach more than 3 meters, and the minimum width can reach 2000x2000. It is the best choice for heavy goods. The lifting platform of 50,000 yuan can choose the double scissor lifting platform for carrying cars, which is the best choice for 4s stores. The 70,000 yuan lifting platform can choose to construction lift the stage, which is the best choice for entertainment venues.
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