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How powerful is the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-02
The easy, simple and easy-to-learn lifting platform lets you know how powerful the lifting platform is. Professionally produced hydraulic lifting platforms. The height adjustment function of the hydraulic lifting platform enables a bridge between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse, and forklifts and other transfer vehicles pass by It can directly drive into the truck for bulk loading and unloading of goods, also called loading and unloading channels. It is used for cargo platforms and movable loading and unloading occasions without loading and unloading equipment. It is an auxiliary device for loading and unloading goods used in cooperation with forklifts. It completes the rapid loading and unloading of goods. Operation is simple. Reliable. Fully hydraulic drive, convenient operation and reliable operation. The lip plate and the channel are connected by a long axis, which is high in strength and reliable. Imported seals are selected to ensure that the hydraulic system has excellent sealing functions. All imported modular hydraulic stations are used to seal Good performance and long service life. The high-strength U-shaped beam design can ensure its high-load long-term operation without deformation. The anti-skid pattern steel plate is used to make the channel have an outstanding anti-skid function. The two sides are equipped with anti-skid skirts to prevent the toes from reaching The channel has caused accidental damage. There is a support rod to ensure the safety of the protection personnel when entering the protection of the lifting platform. First, the hydraulic lifting platform is classified into a mobile hydraulic lifting platform and a fixed hydraulic lifting platform. The fixed hydraulic lifting platform, its main function is A bridge between the cargo platform and the transport vehicle. To facilitate the forklift to reach the intention of loading and unloading, one end of the equipment is as high as the cargo platform, and the other end is placed on the rear edge of the carriage, and can be based on different models and The carriage changes during the loading process, and the height is actively adjusted. The hydraulic lifting platform is a special auxiliary equipment to complete the rapid loading and unloading of goods. With the hydraulic lifting platform, the forklift can directly drive into the car container for batch loading and unloading operations. Only one person is required to operate, not Power supply is required to complete the safe and rapid loading and unloading of goods, which can reduce labor intensity, and double the power of loading and unloading operations, accelerate the speed of material flow, and obtain greater economic benefits. 2. Construct a two-point extension plate crown structure To ensure a longer service life and more stable operation, the button-type operation method enables the platform operators to operate and control more concisely and safely. The hydraulic positioning of the channel and the extension plate ensures higher reliability and less Protection, the safety valve provides protection to the free fall channel, the bottom structure that is easy to clean quickly, the night self-locking device improves the safety of the building, the integrated protection support rod effectively supports the channel and the extension board, which is convenient for protection and maintenance, a pair of 4'thick The anti-collision block reaches the relevant specifications of ANSI MH30.1-2000 load test, one-year parts and labor warranty. Third, the use of hydraulic lifting platforms are widely used in lifting channels in docks, platforms, warehouses and other places. According to users The different requirements of the lifting platform, special planning in terms of external dimensions, load acceptance, etc. The lifting platform is installed on the side of the cargo platform, flush with the floor and side of the cargo platform. The bridge plate of the lifting platform can be skewed up and down, and The end can be higher or lower than the plane of the cargo platform to make it the same height as the carriage. There is a flap at the top of the bridge, which actively rides on the edge of the carriage to make the transition between the cargo platform and the carriage smooth. 1. The electronic control operation is extremely simple, just Press the button, the conditioning board will When the button is released, the self-weight of the conditioning board is lowered, and the loose-leaf board can be used on the truck. 2. The hydraulic system is made of excellent brand products imported from Italy, which has excellent functions and rarely repairs. 3. After the power system , The large oil cylinder raises the entire inclined plate. When it reaches the top position, the small oil cylinder starts to work and smoothly extends the loose-leaf slab. All the height-regulating plates are made of Jinan Iron and Steel's excellent height-patterned steel plates and the profiles are tightly welded, and the lifespan is long. There are 3 movable boards on both sides, which can effectively prevent the risk of crushing toes when the conditioning board is lowered to ensure safety. 5. The front of the conditioning board base is open-planned, which is convenient and quick to organize debris. 6. Jointly planned'work' The steel frame can evenly support the pressure and reduce the torsion of the frame. It is stronger and more durable than other channel steel structures. Recommended reading: Introduction to the characteristics and uses of the crank-type aluminum alloy lifting cage platform 7. Common'streamlined' open-leaf joint planning , Compared with other traditional tubular joints, the welding area is more than 3 times, which greatly extends the service life and facilitates protection. 8. When protecting, curing and cleaning, use the support rod to support the conditioning board, which is more secure and reliable.
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