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How should we maintain the tires of the mobile lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-03
We should not underestimate the tires of the mobile lifting platform. They have a good effect on the stability of the lifting platform. For the mobile lifting platform on hard roads, the directional pattern tires are used to ensure the heat dissipation of the tires. Regular inspections Tire pattern, remove foreign matter such as sand and stone between patterns. Pay attention to the depth of the remaining pattern of the tire. When the density of the remaining pattern is found to be less than 1.6mm, the tire should be replaced in time. This shows the stability of the tire to the lifting cage platform. Safety is of great help. Taking care of the lifting platform tires is equivalent to protecting your own lifting platform equipment. To
The telescopic method of lifting platform boom
The boom is the main stressed component of the lifting platform. The operation of the boom determines the movement of the goods or the position of the person. The boom of the lifting platform can be divided into sequential expansion, synchronous expansion, independent expansion and so on. Sequential expansion and contraction of the lifting platform boom is a kind of sequential expansion and contraction. Synchronous expansion and contraction means that each section boom on the equipment simultaneously expands and contracts at the same formation ratio. There is no one who is first, and independent expansion is a kind of more difficult to understand, and the most complicated. In the telescopic mode, the motions of the various booms on the lifting cage platform are not connected, and different motions can be completed independently.
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