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How to avoid the loss of hydraulic system with hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-15
Hydraulic lifting platforms are more common in daily production work, and are generally used for the up and down transportation of goods and personnel, which saves time and improves efficiency for transportation. Having said that, if the hydraulic lifting cage platform cannot be operated reasonably, it will cause a great burden on the hydraulic system. So do you know how the hydraulic lifting platform avoids the power loss of the hydraulic system? 1. Reduce pressure loss: When selecting the speed control circuit, it not only meets the speed control requirements of the hydraulic lifting platform, but also minimizes the energy loss. 2. Reasonably adjust the pressure value: When the hydraulic oil flows through the hydraulic valve, there is pressure loss and flow loss, of which energy loss accounts for a larger proportion. 3. Overload operation is strictly prohibited: the slogan 'No overload' should be marked on the produced hydraulic lifting cage platform products, which reminds the majority of users to avoid overloading for short-term time saving and labor saving during the lifting operation of the hydraulic lifting platform. 4. Pump station selection: In the working process of the actuator, sometimes large flow and low pressure are required; sometimes small flow and high pressure are required. For this kind of situation, Aerospace chose a pressure-limiting variable pump. The flow rate of this type of variable pump varies with Changes with changes in system pressure. 5. Choose the right hydraulic oil: If the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too high, it will generate a large internal force in the pipeline, which will cause the hydraulic oil to heat up and increase the resistance of the equipment movement. If the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too low, it will be easy Cause leakage and reduce the volume rate of the system. Hydraulic oil with proper viscosity can also reduce energy loss.
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