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How to better preserve the fuel tank of the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-10-09
The preservation of the fuel tank during the use of the lifting cage platform is very important, so what is the method of preservation of the fuel tank? The editor of the lifting cage platform will take you to understand in detail. 1. The fuel tank is connected to the space. If there is a lot of floating dust in the storage location, it will also affect the performance of the equipment. 2. There will be some changes in hydraulic oil in different seasons, so we try our best to choose a place where it is not too cold in winter and can be well ventilated and dissipated in summer. In this way, the normal use of the equipment can be better guaranteed. 3. The oil in the oil tank floats up and down during work. If the hydraulic oil is not connected, the pressure in the tank will change drastically, which will affect the work of the hydraulic station and damage the components, so it is stored. It's time to escape the air. 4. The oil tank should be placed as far away as possible. Although the ignition point of the hydraulic oil is high, the contact of water and fire should be avoided. If the place where the hydraulic oil tank is placed is dusty, try to isolate it with something. 5. The specially designed fuel filler port will have a cover, so be sure to cover it frequently when storing. If the mailbox is connected to the atmosphere, the air pressure of the two passes will be equal, and your oil will not be pressed in by the air pressure. You must maintain the air pressure difference between the two passes to ensure that the oil can enter.
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