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How to Check the Quality of Bridge Maintenance Working Platform

How to Check the Quality of Bridge Maintenance Working Platform


We need to check the appearance and electric control system of bridge maintenance working platform, as well as its insulation to see if it meets design. We can operate without loading to test whether the transmission parts are safe and reliable.

According to rated load, loading test, lifting test and safety self-locking test need to carry out. Safety self-locking test is used to check whether it is normal in operation, if something abnormal happens, we should stop test immediately and repair it. After acceptance of last test, it is overload test. The overload is actually 1.1 or 1.25 times as the original load. When the working platform is loading, we need to check the main load-bearing parts to see if they are intact and situation in operation. If there is any unsafe situation, test must be stopped until it is safe.

In addition, impact test should be carried out which can be divided into two kinds: the first one is to test according to rated load, another is to check safety lock by free falling test. In general, when doing dynamic and static test for bridge maintenance working platform, it should be able to overload the rated weight by 25%-50%. The manual sliding device should not only ensure the sensitivity but also the reliability and falling speed should be within the prescribed range.

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