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How to choose a fixed lifting platform that suits you

by:Powerston     2021-06-17
The lifting platform is a kind of logistics equipment, a hydraulic lifting cage platform suitable for logistics and other places. When choosing, it must be purchased according to the requirements of your company. If you want to purchase a lifting platform suitable for your company, you need to consider from the following aspects: 1. First of all, we must look at whether this manufacturer of lifting platform has such processing capabilities, and if so, also consider whether The processing quality can meet the requirements. Now some processing companies, in order to reduce costs, blindly reduce the quality of the equipment used, which directly affects the safe use of the boarding bridge. 2. After selecting the manufacturer, you should consider the specific size of the lifting platform you use. For special cases, you can customize the production of the lifting cage platform according to the specific requirements of the use. 3. Choose a boarding bridge with a good size, and then if you intend to buy it, you should talk about the price. Try to bear the price in the range. Don't suppress the price again and again. Any product has a reasonable profit. The price of space, if there is no profitable business, the after-sales of the absolute product will not be in place, and even the quality of the boarding bridge will be discounted. Don't buy the most expensive, but don't buy the cheapest, the cheapest. The quality and service are definitely the lowest. 4. After the purchase, the installation is very important. The pit must be prepared in advance, and the prefabricated ground must be solidified before installation. The four corners must be fixed to prevent the lifting platform from tilting and loosening, so that the forklift can be loaded and unloaded. Dangers occur at times. 5. An anti-collision pad must be installed in the front of the installed lifting platform to prevent the operating vehicle from hitting the platform during operation and causing danger.
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