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How to choose a manufacturer of hydraulic cargo lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-27
Many customers want to purchase hydraulic cargo lifting platforms, but they don’t know which manufacturer of hydraulic cargo lifting platforms is better. The following editor of Ramli Hydraulic Machinery will describe the things of hydraulic cargo lifting platform manufacturers for us. When purchasing hydraulic cargo lifting platforms, quotation and equipment The comparison of other elements is mainly, but the customer should first understand the service goals, transportation capabilities, operational performance, and civil planning requirements of the hoistway, engine room, etc. of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform. Such a talent is more helpful to choose a suitable lifting platform. Reference can be made from the following aspects: 1. The actual condition of the hoistway: the hydraulic cargo lifting cage platform must be installed in the closed hoistway environment. The actual condition of the hoistway determines the specifications and dimensions of the final hydraulic cargo lifting platform. Details include the width of the hoistway, Depth, pit and engine room conditions, etc. 2. Additional load capacity. The lifting platform load capacity (Kg) of the production or planning rules is the main parameter of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform, usually 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, etc. For selection, or customers can make non-standard requests. 3. Extra speed. The speed of the lifting platform according to the production or planning rules, the unit is m/s, which is the main parameter of the lifting cage platform. The usual speed of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform is 0.25m/s and 0.2 m/s, under exceptional conditions, the maximum can be planned to not exceed 0.5m/s. 4. height. The height of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform from the bottom of the ground to the top of the ground. It is necessary to accurately measure, because the lifting height determines the hydraulic cylinder The length of the hydraulic cylinder is relatively expensive. 5. The height of the top floor. The height of the car lifting platform from the bottom end station to the top end station is also appropriate and important, because the top level must meet the national acceptance regulations. 6. The number of stops and the number of hall doors and car doors. Which is better for the manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform that has an appropriate influence on the quotation? We try to choose a strong manufacturer when purchasing the hydraulic cargo lifting platform, the quality is clear, and the after-sales service does not matter. , Don't be greedy for a cheap price, just choose a supplier who does not have a standard operating talent.
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