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How to choose a suitable mobile lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-19
We all know that there are many types of mobile lifting platforms, including mobile, fixed, electric, crank arm...Why are there so many different types of lifting platforms? Suppose we If you have such a question, you should come up with an answer, because the occasions we use are different. For different occasions, of course, the type of lifting platform we should use is also different, so how should we choose What? Let's give us some references below. For logistics warehouse-type companies, we generally recommend the acquisition of fixed lifting platforms and rail-type lifting platforms. The use of fixed lifting platforms can be used in conjunction with trucks, and rails The type of lifting platform has a severe load and can be used for heavier goods. If it is used by some hotels or homes, we recommend that we can only use aluminum alloy lifting platforms. Although this lifting platform is not too heavy, It is light in weight, easy to move, and it is made of aluminum alloy, so it looks beautiful. It will be small in the future and will not occupy too much local area. If it is used outdoors, then we can purchase mobile hydraulics The lifting platform or the crank arm type lifting platform, assuming that there are more constraints in the outdoor working environment, then we recommend the use of the crank arm type, because this type of lifting platform generally uses diesel as the power source, and we can ensure the source material Satisfaction. Recommended reading: If the price of fixed hydraulic lifting platform is assumed to be used in some factory assembly lines, then we also recommend the use of mobile lifting platforms. This type of lifting platform is generally more of a scissor type structure, so the space to the ground is not There will be disturbances. The above are just an estimate of our work environment and a recommended list of mobile lifting cage platforms based on our own application experience. For different people, there may be different effects. But normally, these lifting platforms can satisfy our needs very well.
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