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How to choose material of bridge using suspension platform

How to choose material of bridge using suspension platform


In the current construction of some bridges, it is necessary to use high-altitude equipment such as bridge using suspension platform. In order to guarantee security, the material quality should be good to avoid accident when the equipment is in aerial working. In general, square steel is widely used. This is a new type of industrial steel, whether in quality or hardness, service life is more advantageous. But there is still no way for some people to distinguish this steel from ordinary steel.

The square steel is times better than ordinary steel in hardness, it can adapt to a variety of construction requirements, it is also used in many mechanical manufacturing. This fully shows that the square steel has good mechanical properties which can ensure the quality of machinery in the using process. Also, the service life is long, to achieve this condition, it is related to its corrosion resistance. As we know, steel machine is easy to be corroded which can impact the quality. Although the machine is coated with paint, when the coated paint falls off, it will have a serious impact on the service life if the steel does not have good corrosion resistance.

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