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How to choose the correct hydraulic oil for hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-06
How to choose the correct hydraulic oil for hydraulic lifting cage platform? Hydraulic oil is a must-have product for hydraulic lifting platform, it can play the effect of lubricating system, it can also achieve the effects of anti-rust, system cooling, etc. The quality of hydraulic oil directly affects the service life of hydraulic lifting platform. The important indicator for distinguishing the quality of hydraulic oil is viscosity, suitable viscosity and outstanding viscosity-temperature performance to ensure accurate and sensitive transmission of power under the conditions of changes in operating temperature, and to ensure that the flow rate of hydraulic oil decreases and the oil pump discharges The amount is reduced, and the speed of the lifting cage platform is also reduced. Bad hydraulic oil is turbid, high in viscosity, high in impurities, high in water content, and short of necessary chemical additives, while high-quality hydraulic oil has no color and taste, and anti-wear agents are added to it, which can reduce hydraulic pressure. The wear and tear of the system, especially the hydraulic pump, extends the service life of the hydraulic lifting platform. Bad hydraulic oil has a high moisture content and is prone to corrosion to the lifting cage platform. The lubricity is significantly reduced, which accelerates the aging of the hydraulic system and reduces the service life of the lifting platform. High-quality hydraulic oil has outstanding anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is not easy to oxidize under high temperature and high pressure. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil to ensure that the system is clean and extend the service life of the hydraulic lifting platform.
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