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How to control the pollution source of the hydraulic system

by:Powerston     2021-09-07
According to the ladder manufacturer, in order to effectively control pollution, necessary control measures must be taken for all possible pollution sources, and effective measures must be taken after various working links in the process of processing hydraulic lifting cage platforms and assembling parts or unavoidable pollutant residues during maintenance. Purification can make the parts meet the pollution requirements. When the hydraulic platform is loaded and the pollution level does not meet the requirements of the hydraulic platform, the internal pollutants of the machine are released into the oil, causing system pollution. The pollutants inside the machine often lead to early failures The main reason. Parts cleaning should start. The manufacturing process should take corresponding measures for the initial process of purification. When the postoperative process is completed, the purification of the final assembly process from assembly to contaminants can reduce the purity of the parts after cleaning and can effectively ensure Work. The lifting cage platform factory assembly analysis system is used to remove the pollutants. After the thorough cleaning needs to be completed, after the system installation process, the circulation method system components can be used to clean the internal residual pollutants through the flushing action of the overflow parts, so that the adhesion and surface Pollutant release. Now disconnect the more complex parts of the system from the bypass connection circuit, and then use the system according to the specific conditions of the fuel tank and hydraulic pump to obtain high-precision, large-capacity, special cleaning device filters or the outside world. VI The cleaning of the system can be divided into several parts or several circuits for complex systems. Generally, the cleaning system is adapted to reduce the viscosity of the oil and increase the flow speed as much as possible. In order to make the system flow in the circuit will continue to be fully cleaned to a certain degree, the damage Part of the access system continues to circulate cleaning until the requirements of the oil pollution system are achieved.
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