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How to correctly analyze market demand in the electric lifting platform industry

by:Powerston     2021-06-09
The electric lifting cage platform industry is highly competitive. If you want to gain an advantage in the market, in addition to having certain product advantages, you should also do a correct market analysis. What steps should be taken? First: Clarify the market goal of the electric lifting cage platform. Determine the total number of people in the target market of a certain segment from the total population of the market. This total number is the maximum limit of the number of potential customers and can be used to calculate future or potential demand. Second: Determine the target market in the geographic area and calculate the percentage of the target market in the total population, and then multiply this percentage by the total population in the geographic area to determine the number of target markets in the area. Third: Consider consumption restrictions. Consider whether there are certain restrictions on mobile lifting platform products that are sufficient to reduce the number of target markets. Fourth: Calculate the average annual purchase quantity per customer. From the purchase rate/purchasing habits, you can calculate the average annual purchase per person. Fifth: Calculate the total number of purchases of similar products each year The number of customers in the area multiplied by the average number of purchases per person per year can calculate the total purchase quantity. Sixth: Calculate the average price of the product to calculate the average price of the product. Use a certain pricing method to calculate the average price of the product. Wen Shao lifting cage platform reminds everyone that the pricing method is the average price of a certain product in the past. Seventh: Calculate the total purchase amount. Multiply the total purchase amount obtained in item 5 by the average price obtained in item 6, to calculate the total purchase amount. Eighth: Calculate the company’s purchase volume. Multiply the company’s market share by the total purchase amount in item 7, and then make appropriate adjustments based on the changes in the company’s and competitors’ market share in the last 5 years to find the company Of purchases. Finally: other factors that need to be considered. Other factors related to product demand, such as changes in economic conditions, demographic changes, consumer preferences and lifestyles, must be analyzed for their impact on product demand. Based on this information, objectively investigating the data obtained in the eighth item can reasonably predict the company's potential purchases in the total sales and the number of customers.
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