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How to deal with emergencies of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-22
How to deal with emergencies of the lifting cage platform The first is the situation where the lifting platform tilts during work. The general reason for this situation may be that the load on the table is too high, causing the goods to tilt to one side. In severe cases, the guide rail will be deformed, causing the lifting platform to tilt. It is also possible that the base of the lifting cage platform is not placed stably. The solution is that operators should operate according to regulations and must not be overloaded or overloaded. The base of the lifting platform should be placed in a place with a stable foundation and strong pressure resistance. The second is that the lifting cage platform will make noisy sounds during use. In fact, the main problem is the hydraulic pump. As the lifting platform does not change the oil frequently, some friends should forget to change the oil when changing the oil, resulting in an increase in the working load of the hydraulic pump. Secondly, some friends forget to keep the fuel tank clean when changing the oil. The filter screen of the hydraulic pump is blocked, and the hydraulic oil cannot flow back to the oil tank smoothly when the lifting platform is working, causing the lifting platform to increase the sound when it is working! Don't panic in this situation, stop the lifting platform in time, and check the fuel tank and hydraulic oil. Normally follow the instructions to do some maintenance, you can reduce the sound. Extend the service life of the lifting platform. 124.
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