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How to deal with the problem that the electric lifting platform cannot be raised?

by:Powerston     2021-09-27
The operation of the electric lifting cage platform is simple, fast and convenient. It is a good helper for people to work at heights. However, once the electric lifting cage platform cannot be hoisted, it will affect people's normal work and production efficiency. So how to solve this problem once it occurs? Here are some simple ways to help yourself. For the reasons and solutions of the birth failure: too tight or leakage of the internal reversing valve, the valve assembly needs to be checked or replaced; the cylinder leaks, the cylinder assembly needs to be checked or replaced; the adjustment pressure of the overflow valve does not meet the requirements, and Adjust the pressure to the desired value. For oil pump problems, the oil pump needs to be inspected or replaced. If the oil is too low, the oil is too low, or the oil filter is clogged, the oil can be filled, and the oil filter should be cleaned in time. The power is not connected, please check whether the work instructions are working. These are some of the experience accumulated by the editor in daily work, I hope to help you, if this problem is not solved, you should contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel to repair on site, and you can’t continue to work on your electric lifting platform. , So there is no safety hazard, endangering the safety of others.
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