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How to detect the failure of the lifting platform (below)?

by:Powerston     2021-10-05
Last time, I introduced you to some methods of detecting the failure of the cargo lifting platform. I don’t know if it will help you. The mechanical editor today will introduce several methods of detecting the failure of the cargo lifting platform at the request of our customers. Touch: Touch the surface of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic cargo lifting platform by hand. Generally, there are four touches: touch the temperature, touch the shell of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, the outer wall of the hydraulic oil tank and the surface of the valve body. It can be considered that its temperature has exceeded 65 degrees, and the cause should be investigated. Second, touch the vibration, touch the shell, pipe or fuel tank with moving parts, if there is high-frequency vibration, check the cause; third touch crawl: when the actuator, especially the parts of the control mechanism, move at low speed, touch it with your hand. The shell of the parts, feel whether there is crawling phenomenon: four touch the tightness, touch the switch, the tightness of the fastener or the reliability of the connection. Second smell: smell whether the hydraulic oil is stinking and deteriorated, whether the wires and the oil have a burnt smell, etc. Although the simple diagnosis method has the advantages of not relying on the parameter test of the hydraulic system, it is simple and easy to implement, but due to the different feelings of each person, the difference in judgment ability, the amount of practical experience and the understanding of the fault, the judgment results will be very different. Therefore, when it is difficult to diagnose the fault using the simple diagnosis method, the fault can be further determined by disassembling and testing certain hydraulic components. China's lifting cage cargo lifting platform manufacturers, dedicated to mobile lifting platforms, self-propelled aerial work platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cage cargo lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cylinder lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, and vehicle-mounted lifting platforms There are ten series of hydraulic lifting platform products such as vertical lifting platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting stage, lifting cage platform, etc. All the company's products meet the relevant national and industry technical standards. Customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursuit.
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