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How to determine the lifting height and position of the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-26
The editor tells everyone that the height of the lifting platform is the most important element in the design of the platform, and it must be matched with the supporting truck. When determining this height, the height difference between the loading and unloading platform and the truck bed should be minimized as much as possible. Although the use of the platform height adjustment plate can solve this problem, do not make the formed slope too large to avoid the adjustment plate wiper touching the chassis. The maximum height of the lifting cage platform refers to the height of the platform surface from the ground when the platform is raised to the highest position. Generally, the naming method of imported high-altitude equipment adopts the platform height. The maximum working height refers to the height at which the hand can work flexibly when the platform is raised to the highest position and when a person is standing. Generally, this height is added to the platform height by 2 meters. 1. The scope of use of the lifting platform is to choose suitable lifting equipment according to your actual needs, such as: where to use, what the environment is, how much the equipment is required to lift, size, elevation, rated load and other factors are comprehensively considered. filter. Choose the lifting platform that suits your job level requirements. 2. The working environment of the lifting platform. Many customers have different needs and types of lifting platforms. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lifting equipment, which can also be customized according to their needs. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to choose which lifting equipment to use there. The key, such as: some customers use it indoors, they require a clean environment, do not dig pits, and need protective nets, etc. At this time, you can choose which type of lifting platform and rail type lifting platform. Some customers choose to use it outdoors, and there is no strict requirement for cleanliness. You can dig a pit or add a protective net. Many people choose to dig a pit. The usual fixed scissor construction lift platform will naturally increase. 3. Types of lifting platforms Today, with market demand, manufacturers produce lifting platforms of various models and parameters, such as: fixed lifting platforms, scissor lifting platforms, car lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting cage platforms between floors, and rail Various types of equipment such as lifting platform and crank arm lifting platform. Customers can choose the type that suits them according to their needs. When selecting the lifting cage platform, it is necessary to consider many influencing factors such as traffic control, work safety, workers' working environment, the size of the existing space, and climate conditions. The determination of the height and position of the lifting platform is the most important thing, which determines the stability of the lifting platform and the later work efficiency. If the choice is incorrect, the later work will be restricted. So how should the height and position of the lifting platform be determined? The adjustment plate of the lifting platform is installed at the front end of the platform, which eliminates the direct gap and height difference between the lift and the truck, and facilitates the forklift to directly transport the goods onto the truck or unload the goods. At the same time, if the slope increases, the loading and unloading efficiency will be affected, and the structure and maintenance requirements of the adjusting plate and the forklift will also be correspondingly increased, which is more likely to cause accidental hazards. When determining the height of the hydraulic platform, first determine the range of the floor height of the truck using the platform, and use the middle height of this range as the reference value for the height of the loading and unloading platform.
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