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How to do a good job in the fault diagnosis of the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-19
If the lifting platform is used for a long time, it will inevitably cause minor faults. How to do a good job in the fault diagnosis of the lifting cage platform? Below is a mechanical editor to give you a detailed introduction. The most commonly used diagnosis method is the simple diagnosis method. (1) Look: Observe the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting cage platform and the real situation of the hydraulic components. There are generally six observations: a look at the speed , Observe whether the operating speed of the actuators, such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc. have changed and abnormal phenomena; Second, look at the pressure, observe whether the pressure value of the pressure measurement point in the hydraulic system reaches the rated value and whether there is fluctuation; Third, look at the oil, Observe whether the hydraulic oil is clean and deteriorated; whether it is good enough; whether the oil meets the requirements in the year; whether there is foam on the surface of the oil, etc.; look for leaks, look at the joints of the hydraulic pipeline, the junction of the valve block, and the end cover of the hydraulic cylinder. Whether there is leakage and dirt at the end of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor; five look at vibration, look at whether the moving parts of the hydraulic cylinder, piston and cylinder machine have bounce, vibration, etc.; six look at the product, according to the brand and processing quality of the hydraulic components used , Judging the working status of the hydraulic system. (2) Listen: Use hearing to distinguish the various sounds of the hydraulic system, generally there are four sounds. One listen to the impact sound, listen to whether the impact sound is too loud when the hydraulic cylinder changes direction, and whether the hydraulic cylinder piston impacts Cylinder bottom and cylinder head, whether the reversing valve hits the end cover, etc.; second listen to the noise, listen to whether the noise of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic system is too loud, whether there is a whistling sound in the original parts such as the overflow valve; third listen to the leakage sound, listen There is a subtle and continuous sound inside the oil circuit; listen to the knocking sound four times, and listen to whether there is a knocking sound when the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are running. The above content is the small fault diagnosis method of the hydraulic lifting platform introduced by the editor, hope I can help you a little bit. If you have any questions, you can call our company, the national free service hotline.
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