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How to install electric single beam bridge crane

by:Powerston     2021-04-11
In order to ensure the smooth installation of the electric single-girder bridge crane, the construction must be carried out in a planned, organized, and step-by-step manner, so that each operator can know and be handy. The following construction plans are specially formulated to ensure the electric single-beam bridge crane The installation is carried out smoothly, and the construction must be carried out in a planned, organized and step-by-step manner, so that each operator can know and be handy, and formulate the following construction plans: 1. Overview of the installation of the crane The lifting weight of the machine Q u003d 3 tons, Span L u003d 13.5 meters, lifting height H u003d 9 meters, cart running speed 20 meters/min. 2. Preparations before installation (1) Selection of the installation site The installation site should have enough area to meet the needs of the installation flip and hoist, and the site should have a power source for the welding machine and other electric tools. (2) Preparation of equipment and tools. This construction period requires 2 welding machines, 2 oxygen and acetylene sets, 2 hand chain hoists, wood ladders, spreaders and construction hoists, and Party A shall provide them. (3) Preparation of materials The steel rails, pressure plates, splints, bolts, plates used for making car gears, and materials and welding rods for sliding lines used in this project should be prepared in sufficient quantities according to actual needs. (4) Personnel arrangement Personnel participating in the project: 2 electricians, 2 fitters, 2 welders, 2 crane workers, and 1 safety officer. 3. Basic safety requirements during the installation process. The construction personnel participating in this phase of the project strictly abide by the safety operation regulations of each type of work during construction, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited. Fourth, the installation process (1) Track installation: first clean up the site, and the crane cement bears the rail beam foundation for acceptance. Leveling and laying out the line. Inspection and straightening of rails, upper position of rails, connection of rail joints, alignment and reinforcement, measurement inspection, leveling and straightening. For the installation of the car gear system, the track installation standards must comply with the TJ231-78 'Mechanical Equipment Installation Engineering Construction Acceptance Specification'. The difference between the high point and the low point of the full stroke is not more than 10mm. The left, right, and upper three sides of the joint The offset should not be greater than 1mm, the joint gap should not be greater than 2mm, the span deviation should not be greater than 5mm, the relative difference between the elevations of the two parallel tracks on the same span, should not be greater than 10mm at the column, and should not be greater than 15mm at other places. (2) Installation of sliding wire The contact surface of the sliding wire should be flat, straight, free of rust, good electrical conductivity, and properly installed. Compensation devices should be installed when crossing the expansion joint of the building. The power supply slide line is painted with red paint on the non-conductive contact surface, and safety signs or indicator lights indicating live electricity are installed at appropriate positions. For example, when installing a safety cable, it should be straight and conductive. For example, when a flexible cable is used for power supply, the number of the cable must meet the requirements and a traction rope should be provided. (3) Before the installation of the crane’s bridge, it should be unpacked together with the representatives of the entrusting installation unit and the manufacturing unit, and check and check whether the delivered goods are consistent with the number of parts listed in the packing list according to the packing that comes with the machine. Whether the random documents are complete, after checking, make a record, which will be signed by the representatives of the three parties on the spot. During the assembly and erection of the bridge, all participating construction personnel strictly abide by the safety operating procedures of each type of work and strictly prohibit illegal operations. When assembling the crane, put the bridge frame on the cushion frame according to the working position, and fix it firmly, then assemble the end beam, measure the diagonal difference, should not be greater than 5mm, span should not be greater than 3mm, fully comply with the regulations, then assemble For the electric hoist, the operating clearance of the trolley shall not be greater than 5mm, and the control room shall be assembled afterwards. (4) Electrical installation Before installation, you should be familiar with electrical schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams, electrical general diagrams, and related technical data, and understand the operating principles and the functions of each component. In order to accurately install and quickly deal with the problems in the installation process. Check that the ground resistance of each electrical component and motor should not be less than 0.8 megohm. In a humid environment, it should be no less than 0.4 megohm. Check whether the lines are correct and confirm that there is no bit error rate before powering on for trial operation. During trial operation, check whether the running directions are consistent, whether the travel switch meets the required direction, and whether the upper and lower power-off limiters are safe and reliable. All safety devices must be safe and reliable before they can be hoisted and erected. During the hoisting process, strictly abide by the safe operation regulations and strictly prohibit illegal operations. After the electric single-girder bridge crane is installed and qualified, it must be subjected to no-load test, static load test, and dynamic load test. After passing the self-inspection, carefully fill in the completion report, notify Party A, organize the acceptance by the relevant departments, and deliver it to use after passing the test.
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