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How to level the high-speed switching valve of a mobile electric elevator?

by:Powerston     2021-06-18
Teach you how to control the leveling of the high-speed switching valve of a mobile electric elevator: In each adjustment process, the width of the adjustment pulse is proportional to the deviation angle. As the adjustment progresses, the pulse width becomes narrower and the duty cycle becomes smaller and smaller, which is reflected in the high-speed switching valve: at the beginning of each adjustment, the high-speed switching valve has a long open time, a large opening, and a large flow rate. The movement speed of the oil cylinder is fast, and the displacement of the leveling cylinder of the aerial work platform is large; as the platform gradually becomes level, the opening time of the high-speed switch valve becomes shorter and shorter, the opening degree becomes smaller and smaller, and the displacement of the leveling cylinder becomes smaller and smaller To stop. This is the PWM pulse width modulation technology used in the leveling system. Experimental verification shows that the lifting cage platform adopts PWM pulse width modulation method and adopts the electro-hydraulic control system of high-speed on-off valve to control the secondary valve, which can effectively realize the automatic leveling of the aerial work platform. Safety, reliability, and practicality are our consistent pursuit, and the product and equipment are worry-free, rest assured, and more secure! Integrity management and quality first are our tenet. We will provide you with the most assured products and the best service at the most favorable price! Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit! Warmly welcome your call! For more details, please consult the 24-hour service hotline: 18663772808 Manager Zhu
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