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How to maintain and maintain lifting machinery and equipment

by:Powerston     2021-06-21
Lifting machinery and equipment need to be maintained after use, not to mention large machinery, poor maintenance after use of the construction lift will reduce the life of the construction lift, today I will tell you how to maintain the lift after use in order to maintain the good technical condition of the lift machinery The normal operation of the machine ensures the safe use of the on-site construction machinery, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and reduces mechanical failures. All construction companies must carry out the necessary equipment maintenance work in accordance with the maintenance and maintenance regulations. Guaranteed repairs and other situations occur. In order to implement the equipment maintenance system accurately, a mechanical management responsibility system must be established; maintenance procedures for different models must be formulated; corresponding maintenance institutions must be implemented; the relationship between maintenance and production must be handled well, so that neither Affect production without affecting equipment maintenance. Regardless of the large-scale machinery with complex structure, or the small and medium-sized equipment with simple structure, the main content of its maintenance operations is cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tightening, and anti-corrosion, which is usually called 'cross operation'. Cleaning requires all parts of the elevator to be kept free of sludge, dirt, and dust, especially the air, fuel, and oil filters of the engine to be inspected and cleaned according to the specified time to prevent impurities from entering the cylinder and oil passages, and accelerate the wear of moving parts. The elevator manufacturer recommends to develop some maintenance systems. The regular maintenance system is based on the wear and service life of mechanical parts and the law of oil and liquid loss. The maintenance system based on the operating hours of the machine as the main basis for determining the need for maintenance of the machine has also become a plan. Expected maintenance system.
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