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How to maintain and repair cranes?

by:Powerston     2021-04-18
Crane maintenance
1. In order to ensure the safe operation of the crane, the user unit shall inspect it regularly according to the methods of daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, etc., and deal with it in time if any abnormal situation is found. After the crane has been operating for 1,000 hours, the electrical system and mechanical components must be repaired; after the crane has been operating for 4,000 hours, the electrical system and mechanical components must be repaired; after the crane has been operating for 8,000 hours, the electrical system and mechanical components must be repaired. The electrical system and mechanical parts are overhauled. Mechanical safety technical inspectors can conduct a comprehensive and intuitive diagnosis of hoisting machinery by seeing, listening, smelling, asking, and touching, to obtain the required information and data, so as to judge the fault location and the nature of the fault. 2. With the development of modern mechanical equipment and high-tech, the technical content of each machine is getting higher and higher, which requires crane users to attach great importance to its management and maintenance, and to invest a certain amount of money to equip advanced testing equipment And the instrument, in the operating state of the hoisting machinery, use the expert monitoring system and monitoring and diagnostic equipment to inspect (monitor) the crane, grasp the technical status of the crane at any time, and predict the signs and causes of the failure of the whole machine or system, so as to eliminate the accident In the budding state. In addition, we should also actively introduce professional and technical personnel with knowledge of machinery, electricity, hydraulics, and microcomputer monitoring, and actively adopt new processes, new materials and new technologies for mechanical equipment maintenance. Four conclusions In short, in the use of construction hoists, it is necessary to prevent accidental damage, especially abnormal damage caused by man-made, and try to avoid equipment failure. This requires the user unit to establish and improve scientific and reasonable rules and regulations, strictly implement technical regulations, take strict precautions against various possible failures, and take effective solutions to problems that have occurred. On the one hand, operators must earnestly abide by the safety operation regulations and related safety systems, and achieve safe production without mechanical accidents; on the other hand, maintenance personnel must earnestly implement the maintenance procedures, and do a good job of cleaning, lubricating, anti-corrosion, fastening, and Adjustment, replacement, etc., so that the crane equipment is always in a perfect technical state, to ensure that various work performance indicators meet the specified requirements. Only in this way can we better improve the intact rate, utilization rate and utilization rate of crane equipment.
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