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How to maintain the hydraulic lifting platform after being worn

by:Powerston     2021-08-13
The hydraulic lifting platform has been widely used by people due to its simple operation and convenient use, which has brought huge changes to people's production and life. Huaxiong Machinery has also produced hydraulic lifting platforms, lifting platforms, and lifting platforms according to people's different needs. Stages, cargo elevators and other special hydraulic lifting cage platform machinery and equipment. During the use of hydraulic lifting platforms, they will always suffer some large and small wear. The wear is divided into tangible wear and invisible wear, both of which cause the original value of machinery and equipment. This kind of wear is called comprehensive wear. And some wear is caused by improper use by the operator, causing severe wear on the hydraulic lifting platform, which must be replaced with new parts before it can be used, so we must not only grasp the correct The operation method requires timely maintenance. Huaxiong Machinery will explain to you the maintenance after wear. 1. Lubricant. Regularly polish the lubricating oil between the link pins of the hydraulic lifting platform to reduce the degree of wear between components and reduce Noise. We should also pay attention to the level of noise generated by the hydraulic lifting platform when it is raised and lowered. If the noise is too large, immediately disconnect the power supply and check the cause of the noise. 2. Replace with new oil. Drain the old hydraulic oil. Remove, tighten the connector and take out the oil filter. After cleaning, clean it with compressed air, then put it back into the oil tank, and connect the pipeline. Note: After replacing the new oil, do not continue to use the old oil. Otherwise, the movement in the system Components will accelerate wear. 3. Remove and disassemble the hydraulic lifting platform down valve, blow off the plunger with compressed air, then install it, and reinstall it. Check all hydraulic pipes and joints. The pipes must not be damaged or joints. There must be no looseness and all joints must be tightened. After long-term wear and tear of the hydraulic lifting cage platform, it will malfunction and affect the work. Sometimes the severely worn hydraulic lifting platform often fails to work before repairing, and the equipment with severe invisible wear can be used, but Its labor cost is high and the economic effect is poor. So we usually pay more attention to it when using it, and more maintenance will reduce the degree of wear of the hydraulic lifting platform. 93.
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