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How to maintain the tires of the hydraulic lifting platform during the work

by:Powerston     2021-09-13
The mobile lifting platform is a kind of lifting platform. It has four more tires than other lifting platforms, so it can be moved at any time, which is much more convenient than other lifting platforms, so you must take good care of the tires when you work. A. Hydraulic lifting platform Do not move too hard when starting to prevent acceleration of tread wear due to direct conflict between the tire and the ground. Turning should be based on the actual curve conditions and turning radius, and appropriate deceleration to prevent acceleration of tire wear under the action of inertial force and centrifugal force. B. When the hydraulic lifting platform encounters a downhill road when it is moving, the appropriate speed can be controlled according to the size and length of the slope and the road condition, so as to prevent or reduce the use of emergency braking to reduce tire wear. Recommended reading: summer hydraulic lifting platform The main factor of abnormal work C. When the hydraulic lifting cage platform is parked on the way and parking at the station, how much gathering and dispersing, using less brakes, should develop the habit of safe sliding. D. When the hydraulic lifting platform is moving in the highway repair and construction section , Use the method of low-speed slow-motion to select the road to prevent the tire from being excessively hit, and even stab or scratched.
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