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How to maintain the tires of the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-10
What are the maintenance methods for lifting cage platform tires? 1. Before the lifting cage platform starts to enter the construction site, a comprehensive inspection is required, and also to check whether there are some sharp objects nearby. If there are any sharp objects to be cleaned up in time, the tire pressure should also be checked, so that it can be omitted during the construction process. A lot of trouble. 2. There will be many other vehicles in the construction site, and the rut marks that the vehicles have walked before can also avoid the problem of nails sticking to the tires. Or ask an experienced driver who is familiar with the local environment. 3. When the vehicle is parked, pay attention to the side that cannot be parked too far to avoid touching the big rocks next to it. In the light of it, it may cause serious damage to the tire, or it may directly puncture, which is also safe for our surroundings. And get hurt. 4. Periodically maintain the tires and clean up the sundries in the tire pattern to prevent the tires from being punctured. If the tires are worn seriously, they should be replaced in time, so that the service life of the tires can be prolonged.
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