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How to maintain the unloading platform?

by:Powerston     2021-09-19
How to maintain the unloading platform? Next, the editor of unloading platform manufacturers summarizes and summarizes for our customers. A professional unloading platform manufacturer with 20 years of Ru0026D and production experience can be customized according to the different needs of customers. The diagnosis of the fixed unloading platform should follow the principles of from the outside to the inside, from easy to difficult, simple to complex, and individual to general. The diagnosis sequence is as follows: check the data (unloading platform instruction manual and operation, maintenance records, etc.) to understand the group situation of the equipment before and after the failure; external inspection; debugging observation; internal system oil circuit layout inspection (refer to hydraulic system diagram); instrument inspection (Pressure, flow, speed, temperature, etc.); analysis, judgment; disassembly, repair, test run, adjustment; summary, record. Among them, the pilot system, overflow valve, overload valve, hydraulic pump and oil filter are the originals with a high failure rate and should be checked. Several aspects of the above diagnosis failure. Not all of them are used, but they can be used flexibly according to different faults. However, the diagnosis of any fault is always inseparable from thinking, analysis and reasoning. Careful analysis of the fault can avoid detours and the accuracy of the fault analysis is related to the richness of the experience and theoretical knowledge of the diagnostic personnel. In summary, as long as the diagnosis of the unloading platform is carried out in strict accordance with the process, it is still very convenient to operate. If you have any questions, please call 18854126800. Chinese unloading platform manufacturers are committed to mobile lifting platforms, self-propelled aerial lifting platforms, fixed lifting platforms, rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cylinder-type lifting platforms Ten series of hydraulic lifting platform products, such as folding arm lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting cage platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting stage, lifting platform, unloading platform, etc. All products of the company meet the relevant national and industry technical standards, and customers are satisfied It has always been our eternal pursuit.
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