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How to operate the hydraulic lifting platform correctly?

by:Powerston     2021-07-06
How to operate the hydraulic lifting cage platform correctly? Now society is developing rapidly, the construction industry is booming, and more and more high-altitude operations bother us. Once high-rise buildings were built relying on scaffolding, there was no safety guarantee, but now as the industry is closely following the development of the times, high altitude The lifting platform is a kind of equipment specially used for high-altitude operations to assist us in completing the work. What I want to tell you today is the hydraulic lifting platform. How to operate it correctly to ensure the safety of personnel? 1. During operation, you must strictly follow the instructions on the operation safety and maintenance of the equipment, and learn to understand the safety issues in the use of high-altitude lifting platforms; 2. Prevent non-professional repairers from privately repairing operations. This is explicitly prohibited. Installation and installation , When repairing, disassembling the lifting cage platform pump station and other components, the internal pressure value must be zero, and no goods are allowed on the equipment; 3. When the hydraulic pump station of the equipment is overhauled, cut off the motor and The power supply of all other electrical equipment, all connections and changes to the power supply must be operated by professional technicians; hydraulic lifting cage platform 4. When repairing or disassembling the hydraulic pump station driven by the motor, we should cut off all the power supply early. Ensure that the hydraulic station is always in a power-off state; 5. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic high-altitude lifting platform is likely to have an adverse effect on human health. Prevent direct contact with the skin and eyes to prevent personal safety risks; 6. Prevent unauthorized use Disassemble the various valves, joints, accessories and other components on the pump station of the hydraulic lifting platform. The loosening of any one of the components may cause the load to fall and the equipment damage; 7. Considering that the hydraulic oil may be replaced As the environment is polluted, it is necessary to use retractable containers and adopt corresponding leak-proof and oil-absorbing methods; I believe that after reading this article, everyone will have a certain impact on every operation. I hope that the equipment personnel can operate carefully and do it truthfully. To prevent problems before they happen.
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