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How to prevent leakage of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-26
platform manufacturers introduced the DC power supply for the main drive of the lifting platform. When triggered, the power cord of the lifting platform is often used. Therefore, the leakage protection measures of the lifting platform must be done. The next day, the sharp lifting platform machinery expert emphasized that everyone wants to attract attention and use Safety. At the time of the lifting platform manufacturer, the lifting platform itself has no electricity, so we can use it safely, but it will be very dangerous for other operators to use the lifting platform. Once the lifting platform accident not only causes damage to the machine itself, but also hurts To other construction workers, we must be prepared to remove the leakage protection, which is very important. The lifting platform manufacturer said that we have encountered the problem of water leakage from the lifting platform, mainly due to the loss of the power cord due to the lifting of the power cord. If the machine itself does not Leakage protectors are very dangerous, so we advocate the use of standardized machinery. When purchasing, you must choose a good machine with a leakage protector, so as to ensure the safety of our use of the lifting platform. Recommended reading: Laying the bottom of the aerial work platform What are the methods? Remind the lifting platform manufacturers to use residential properties. In order to be safe in the community, the leakage protection must be checked after using the time. The power cord should be checked regularly during use. If problems are found, they should be resolved in time.
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