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How to protect aluminum alloy working platform by the side

How to protect aluminum alloy working platform by the side


The edge of aluminum alloy working platform operation does not have guardrail or it is protective measure below 80 centimeters when be called to be adjacent operation, when hanging platform works, it is necessary to use protective balustrade and safety net.

As protective facilities, protective railings and safety nets are simple in form and structure, and the materials used are commonly used on site. No special procurement is required, which can save costs and, more importantly, achieve good results.

The two sides of the passageway connecting the lifting platform and the building shall be provided with protective balustrades, and the lower part of the balustrades shall be provided with footboards, bamboo basketry or metal mesh. For the stair  and ladder section of layered construction, border guard balusters must be installed. Formal balusters or temporary balusters should be installed at the stair head of the roof along with the progress of lifting and hanging basket engineering structure. Two balusters should be installed beside the ladder section as temporary guardrails.

It is a very important thing to use safety net or protective fence in the work of lifting platform at the edge. It needs to be very careful in the construction, so as to ensure safety to the greatest extent and make the work of hanging platform complete smoothly.

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