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How to protect the lifting platform in winter

by:Powerston     2021-09-29
In northern China, the temperature drops sharply in winter, and the temperature in northeastern Inner Mongolia exceeds minus 30 degrees. This is undoubtedly a test for the normal operation of the cargo lifting platform. Low temperature steel will have obvious thermal expansion and contraction properties, although the overall steel special equipment The design will be considered, but this is natural. After all, in the case of different environments, extremely low temperatures, and steel, there will be some unstable properties such as hardness, reduced toughness, and so on. At this time, you need to pay attention to the usual maintenance of the equipment. First The reason is that many workers in other industries do not know that hydraulic oil is a different requirement for use in summer and winter. Often at low temperatures, hydraulic oil in summer has a series of problems, and it is more likely to be frozen and frozen. After winter enters winter, Be sure to use hydraulic oil containing antifreeze. This oil is suitable for low-temperature work. When the working pressure is abnormal, please check the following aspects: Is the lifting hydraulic oil used for a long time and has not been replaced?. Wear-resistant hydraulic oil a section After time, it can be reduced, and it can lead to insufficient working pressure. Please replace with new hydraulic oil. Whether the hydraulic oil model is accurate. 68 Summer hydraulic oil has high viscosity and is not suitable for low temperature work. If the oil is in summer or winter, the low temperature environment is A direct result of the problem is insufficient working pressure, which causes the lifting equipment to be unable to rise to the normal height, which will damage the equipment for a long time. At this time, please change the No. 46 or 32 winter hydraulic oil, and replace when the cylinder needs to be emptied. Recommended reading: Tips for repair and maintenance of hydraulic lifting cage platform! Check the oil of the hydraulic lifting cage cylinder and whether the contact between the bracket and the bracket is smooth, check the entire sealing device, and repair it in time to solve the problem when there is a failure.
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