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How to reduce the impact force of the pumping station when operating the crank-type lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-19
How to reduce the impact force of the pump station when operating the crank arm type lifting platform The crank arm type lifting platform usually adopts hydraulic transmission. Excessive impact force of the hydraulic pump can easily cause failures such as unstable lifting. For this, reducing the impact force is the solution to this problem A very good way, then, what should be done? ①Appropriately reduce the bending of the tubing and check whether it is bent before the operation. This will easily cause the pressure of the hydraulic system to increase and decrease, and the lifting is unstable. ②Limit the pipeline flow rate and the speed of moving parts. For example, in the hydraulic system of the lifting cage platform, the pipeline flow rate is usually limited to 4.5m/min or less, and the speed of the moving parts driven by the hydraulic cylinder should generally not exceed 10m/min. ③Extend the time for the valve of the lifting cage platform to close and the moving parts to brake and change direction. Practice has proved that if the braking commutation time of the moving parts can be greater than 0.2s, the impact will be greatly reduced. This can be done by using a reversing valve with an adjustable reversing time in the hydraulic system. ④ Use soft hydraulic pipes to increase the flexibility of the system. ⑤Appropriately increase the pipe diameter of the crank arm lifting platform, and shorten the pipe length as much as possible. If necessary, a buffer device such as an accumulator can be installed near the impact area to achieve this purpose. ⑥Do a good job of warm-up, the crank arm type lifting platform must be tested before the operation, so as to prevent big ups and downs and effectively reduce the impact force. To sum up: Knowledge is accumulated continuously. The flexible use of a crank arm lifting platform not only requires mastering the operating knowledge, but also pays attention to skills, so that the lifting platform will become more flexible and handy.
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