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How to repair and maintain the hydraulic lifting platform of Shandong Qiangzhong Machinery Co., Ltd.?

by:Powerston     2021-07-08
As an important member of the large family of high-altitude operation equipment, the daily maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic lifting platforms are of great significance for extending the service life of the equipment and improving work efficiency. Jinan Guoqi Heavy Industry is here to provide our customers with daily maintenance and maintenance recommendations, and we hope that our customers will follow and implement them.   Under normal circumstances, a trained person should be responsible for the operation and daily maintenance of the lifting platform. The hydraulic oil is replaced every six months. Use 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil in winter and 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil in summer. When the equipment is not in use, it must be stored properly, with a dust cover and supporting legs, and outdoor storage is strictly prohibited. According to the frequency of use of the platform, inspection and maintenance shall be carried out once a week or a year. 1 Check whether the pin and nut at each link of the lifting platform are loose or fall off 2 Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is broken, whether there is oil leakage or looseness in each joint 3 Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is connected or exposed 4 Check the joints of the electric panel box Whether there is any looseness and whether the indicator light is working normally. 5 Check whether the control handles and buttons of the electrical and hydraulic valve blocks are flexible. 6 Check whether the upper and lower limit switches on the platform are loose or damaged. , And inject enough lubricating oil 8 to keep the upper and lower slides in a lubricated state, and the rollers and slides shall not have dry friction. Note for maintenance of the hydraulic lifting cage platform:   1 When the platform is raised and lowered, the work surface should be level and supported The rod fork frame group is kept vertical in the longitudinal direction.  2 When working outdoors, it is strictly prohibited to use it when the wind exceeds level 5.  3 During the lifting cage process of the platform, all personnel are strictly prohibited to climb.   The 4 outriggers are not firmly supported, so lifting and lowering operations are prohibited.  5 After the platform is raised, it is forbidden to move before it falls back to its original height.  6 It is strictly forbidden to run over high and overload during the use of the platform.  7 During the ascending and descending process of the platform, the cargo shall not be moved.  8 Platforms shall not move or shake during the ascent and descending process.  9 The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and not mixed with water and other magazines.  10 When the lifting platform fails to work normally, the power source should be cut off in time.  11 It is strictly forbidden to work with equipment, and non-professional personnel are not allowed to disassemble or adjust hydraulic valve blocks and electrical components.  12 When the equipment needs to be repaired, the platform should be raised and secured before proceeding.
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