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How to save electricity when using the lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-06-29
The lifting cage platform needs power to be used. After the lifting cage platform works in a day, the electricity bill generated is not low, so how to save electricity for the lifting platform? Let me listen to Xiaobian. 1. Do a test machine, which is not only to test the safety performance of the electric lifting platform, but also has the effect of warming up in advance, so that the fluidity of the cylinder, motor, and especially the hydraulic oil (obvious in winter) can enter the working state in advance , It reduces the resistance during work and saves electric energy. 2. Frequent beating of butter, this is a detail problem. Many customers will easily find that the friction between the pins will increase as the use time increases, and it is often accompanied by noisy noises. Butter It can reduce friction, thereby reducing the generation of useless work and saving electric energy. 3. Avoid standby. After the mobile lifting platform is used, the power should be cut off. In order to save time, many customers will usually press the'standby' button just like after watching the TV. This is a waste of electricity, and the other is a waste of electricity. Safety factors, the third is that the electrical system is still operating in the standby state, which is prone to circuit failures, and is prone to lightning strikes in thunderstorms. 4. Just enough, this is a kind of work skill. People who have relevant work experience will know that when the construction lift button is released when it reaches the target height, due to inertia, the electric lifting platform will rise for a certain distance, so it is just the right control After the accumulation of time, there will be obvious effects in saving electricity.   5. Overloading is strictly prohibited, operation within the rated load can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but many customers blindly pursue efficiency when using it, and even overload during the lifting process. This will only double the effort and backfire.   The above are some energy-saving techniques summarized by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. It is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic lifting cage platforms and lifting platforms with mature technology and strong strength. Welcome to inquire and order.
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