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How to select the tires for electric lifts?

by:Powerston     2021-06-05
There are three main types of tires used in hydraulic electric lifts: pneumatic tires, solid tires and polyurethane wheels. Pneumatic tires and solid tires are generally used in mobile elevators with a height of more than 6 meters, while polyurethane wheels are often used in hand trucks or small elevators and aluminum alloy elevators with a height of less than 6 meters. These three types of tires have their own characteristics. The following is a simple comparison: 1. The choice of pneumatic tires: pneumatic tires are the most widely used. They are generally installed in mobile lifting cage platforms over 6 meters. The 6-meter model 400-8 has a diameter of 40. ; 8-10 meters using a 450-12 diameter of 51. 2. The choice of solid tires: The load of solid tires is small, the deformation is small, and the running stability is good. Because of its puncture resistance and tear resistance, it does not need to be inflated. It avoids the heavy labor of frequent tire replacement and can improve the utilization rate and work of the vehicle. Efficiency. In low-speed, high-efficiency vehicles, solid tires can completely replace pneumatic tires. 3. The choice of polyurethane wheels: According to the design requirements, the rated load of the small hydraulic electric elevator and aluminum alloy elevator is less than 300 kg, the two wheels are one-way wheels, and the rear is universal wheels. The brakes of the equipment are on the universal wheels. . The material is generally polyurethane. Because this material is quiet, it is suitable for assembly line factories, supermarkets, warehouses and other places. The picture below shows the casters of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. The above are three widely used elevator tires, each of which has its own advantages and makes the best use of it.
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